Resource Guide: Inspiration for the Little Details

Need a little inspiration? Check out these quick but thought-provoking videos from Ted-Ed; they’ll push you to answer questions that will help move your story along. All of these videos are 5 minutes or less, letting you get right back to the story after this little break!

How to Build a Fictional World

Or watch on YouTube.

This quick video presents questions that you need to answer if you’re creating a fictional world. For example: who holds the power in your world?

What Makes a Hero?

Or watch on YouTube

What are the characteristics of the classical hero? How does the hero’s journey play itself out in the pages of your novel? Explore the concept in popular stories like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.


Three Anti-Social skills to Improve Your Writing

Or watch on YouTube.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for tips on improving my writing. These tips can come in handy if you’re sitting in a coffee shop waiting for inspiration to strike. Watch and learn!


How to Write Descriptively

Or watch on YouTube.

Want to get down to the nitty-gritty details of writing your novel? Writing descriptively is an essential skill that could always use a refresh. Check out this video for inspiration!


The Case Against “Good” and “Bad”

Or watch on YouTube.

This is an impassioned tirade against the words “good” and “bad” that will have you washing out your mouth with soap for using these tired, vague descriptors. If nothing else, if you love words, watch this video for its entertainment value.

Once you’re done with this list, put that inspiration to good use and get back to writing!

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