25 Short Writing Exercises to Spark Your Creativity


“Inspiration” can be a tricky thing. Sometimes we need to do some work before inspiration hits, and regular writing – even if we’re not feeling super inspired – helps us create quality work beyond relying on the ever-elusive Muse.

Next time you’re feeling a little stuck with a blank page, try one of the following exercises:

  1. Write a fight scene.
  2. Write a first date scene.
  3. Write a short mystery story that is resolved by the end.
  4. Write a wedding scene.
  5. Write a sex scene.
  6. Describe a meal or a scene during a meal.
  7. Write something based on the dictionary.com Word of the Day.
  8. Write a scene based on an old diary or journal entry of yours.
  9. Describe your surroundings or a scene that just happened to you. Use all of your senses.
  10. Describe an argument that you have imagined yourself having.
  11. Write a death scene.
  12. Write a scene based on nonsense.
  13. Finish the following sentence: “I’ve never told anyone this, but…”
  14. Write a piece of fan fiction about your favourite fictional world or character.
  15. Write a scene based on a dream you have had.
  16. Write about a confession scene.
  17. Write a short fairy tale.
  18. Write a mother-daughter or father-son scene.
  19. Write a scene based in the desert, in a blizzard, or in a forest at night.
  20. Write a scene based on a deserted island.
  21. Write an office scene.
  22. Describe your most secret fantasy as if it were happening to you right now.
  23. Write a scene set in a hospital.
  24. Write a scene about a robbery.
  25. Write a scene set in a line-up at the grocery store.

Happy writing!

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