Resource Guide: Writing Prompts

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When you’re stuck on where to start, a writing prompt or cue can help get the gears turning in your head. Writing prompts can also help you branch away from the same old stories that tend to congregate when we gravitate towards a specific type of character or story, so they can help you break out of a creative box. In this month’s resource guide, we’ve got a ton of links to prompt lists and generators!

Lists of Writing Prompts

Reddit: r/WritingPrompts

The creative people over on Reddit have started a forum for writing prompts with thousands of prompts. The beautiful thing? The front page is always changing with new submissions; it’s an endless source of inspiration.

ThinkWritten: 365 Writing Prompts

I dare you: set a goal to write every day for a year and use this guide for a daily prompt. Some will set fire to your imagination and some will leave you dry, but they’ll all make you think.

Tumblr: Writing Prompts

Here you’ll find hundreds of visual and text-based writing prompts. You’ll never run out of story material, especially since new prompts are added all the time.

Prompt Generators

The Story Shack Prompt Generator

This particular story prompt generator gives you a word count, genre, character, a type of material, and a sentence to use. Just click the word “Generate” and off you go!

Writing Exercises First Line Generator

Click the “Generate a first line” button and this generator will give you a random line to start your short story. Who knows – maybe it’ll turn into a novel once you get going!

Adam Maxwell’s Fiction Lounge Prompt Generator

This simple generator comes up with a line to start you off. If you want to really challenge yourself, write on whatever comes up first – even if you think there is nothing in it for you.

Other Writing Generators

Writing Exercises Character Generator

If you like to start a story by thinking about your main character, this generator is perfect for you. Click the “Generate a Character” button and you’ll get the basic profile of a character; keep clicking the button until something comes up that inspires you.

Writer’s Den Plot Generator

If you want a more fleshed-out idea to start your story, try this generator! I loved my first prompt: A political activist has 24 hours to trap a moth-eaten zoo. The story is worsened by the attack of a giant sea monster.

Springhole Setting Generator

Want to start off with a random setting? Check out this setting generator, which you can customize depending on your desired genre. I chose “creepy settings,” and I got this: It’s a grove located out in the brushland. It’s been there since as long as anyone can remember. An explorer who went to visit it recently vanished for weeks, only to turn up severely traumatized.

Any other writing prompt generators or lists that you’d like to add? Let me know in the comments!

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